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Vietnam War
Vietnam War

This story is about my Grandfather. You might be wondering why there’s a picture of some type of war in the background. Well, that’s the Vietnam war, and my Grandfather was a part of it! This war was very important because although I wasn’t even thought of at the time, it changed how my grandfather was. Almost as if he was a new man after he had come back from that war. It wasn’t a problem though because he changed in a good way. When he got back, he taught us to be respectful, responsible, civilized, and how to treat others. Treated us all as if we were his own children. So everyone looked up to him, and basically idolized him. So, as we looked up to him, he changed us. All of us grew up to be great men, just as my Grandfather was. He was the stronghold of this family, but we lost him three years ago. We’ve all been holding together though since we know it’s what he would’ve done. So, I’m ending this by saying.... Long Live Roy! 

Place(s): Vietnam and West Athens

– Kenneth Kizzee

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant