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Guatemala City
Guatemala City

The image demonstrates the capital Guatemala City. This image means for my family and I because this from where my family migrated from to come to the United States. The first ones to migrate to the United States was my grandma and grandpa from mom’s side. They enter The U.S. illegally because they didn’t have enough money to enter legally. This meant that they had to leave their children back in Guatemala, as the reason to why they did was to go work in the U.S to provide a better life and opportunity for their children. Their children being my mother and my two uncles. My grandparents work for a long time, then they had another child in the U.s.  who became my aunt. Many years went by until 2010, when my parents gave us the news that we would be traveling to the U.S. at that time I was 6 years old and my brother was 3 years old. When we arrived and got off the airplane, I met my grandparents in person for the first time. I am grateful to my family for providing a better life for me and allowing me to live in to U.S. and that’s why to picture above is so important to us. Not only does it reminds us of our roots and where we came from, but also of the long journey that parents and grandparents have went through to give their children a better future

Place(s): Guatemala, The United States of America
Year: 2010

– Dereck Carrera

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child