My silver bracelet

 This is the story of my silver bracelet. I got my first silver bracelet from my mother when I was born in 1993. Since that day, I have always had a silver bracelet on my hand. As I grew up, my mother gave me a new bracelet every three years. The new bracelet was made by melting the old one and adding silver to it. In West Africa, we believe that, with a silver bracelet on our wrist, we can never be harmed by the devil and will always be lucky in life. The bracelet must be worn on the right wrist because the right hand is ‘the good hand’ for West Africans. I wear my bracelet every day and I feel like something is missing when I don’t have it on my wrist. My initials ‘N P’ are engraved on my bracelet. My bracelet reminds me of family and friends. It is the most precious object I have from my country. When I see someone with a silver bracelet on their right wrist, I know that that person is probably from West Africa and I will try to talk to them. The silver bracelet  is culturally meaningful for West Africans and I’m proud to wear it every day. 

Place(s): Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO
Year: 2016

– Patricia

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