My Scrumdiddlyumptious Recipe

Yummy burger
Yummy burger

This item is important to my family because we eat cheese burgers often, and it is a tasty american meal. It is simple,unhealthy and scrumdiddlyumptious, the three qualities needed for a classic American meal. It is also cheap to make. This beautiful burger's roots are in Hamburg, Germany but the cheese was added in louisville, kentucky. it is a perfect meal for a long tiring road trip, and many american families use it as that. Now there are many places that serve it and are doing very well like mcdonalds, burger king, chick-fil-a and many others. It is made of ground meat pushed into a patty and then grilled with a slice of american cheese plus condiments like ketchup, mustard and mayo also tomato and lettuce are sometimes included and don't forget the bun!

Place(s): America

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