My Parents Wedding Card

Relationship: Im/migrant

      In my story, I am showing my parents' wedding card. My parents married 49 years ago in 1969. My mother gave this to me in 2005, when I was coming to the United States. We are five siblings, and I am the fourth. My parents gifted it to me as a family memory because I was the only child who was going to live away from them in a foreign country. This card is very important to me as it carries the weight of tradition of our culture. My grandfather designed the card and also handwrote the message on it. My grandfather is no longer alive, but I still feel his presence through his handwriting. Currently, I am a mother of three children and sometimes I show my parents' wedding card to them. However, they do not realize the value of it to me and my family. Perhaps, they will understand the family tradition in the future. 




Place(s): Bangladesh, New York
Year: 2005

– D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant