Grandma's House, AZ

dirt, mountains, trailers, home
dirt, mountains, trailers, home

My story is one about place- the place being my grandma's house in Tucson, Arizona. My family always bounced from California and Arizona, and both feel like home, but this plot of land bought by my nana (1927-1997) is where generations of us grew up. It is a plot of land surrounded by desert and mountains and family, and essential to our story.

I've always been unsure about my background because I always got mixed stories from family members. I know we identify as Mexican, but there are some things I do not know. I always thought that, like other families, ours migrated here. Recently, though, I've been thinking since California and Arizona were part of Mexico originally, maybe we've been here the whole time, and there were borders drawn around us, which would make this plot of land even more special- we've always been here, and we will always be connected to our place in Tucson, AZ. I now live in New York, but always have my grandma's house in my heart.

Place(s): Tucson, AZ

– Sierra S

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