My Old Neighborhood


This one picture represents 15 years of my family's life in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. My parents migrated to this city in 1997 and I was born in 1999. It contains the mosque I used to go to, my building, and my dad's SUV. The mosque was the only mosque in a one-mile radius and it's called the Darwish bin Karam Mosque. On the top right is the apartment building I grew up in, and the silver SUV in the middle was my dad's car. The mosque will always remain very close to my heart since I used to go there at least twice a day. It is where I would meet my friends, families, and neighbors. During the month of Ramadan, my dad and I would give out food on the north-facing side of the mosque for people to break their fast. Most people were unable to break fast in their homes either due to financial issue or since they were at work. This created this sense of unity where no matter if you were rich or poor, Arab or non-Arab, or Muslim or non-Muslim, anyone could join the people to eat if they wanted to. The feeling of this unity is indescribable. I remember taking this picture on my dad's phone and the moment I took it I understood its value. The first thing I did was upload it to the internet and it still exists today in Google Images.

Place(s): Abu Dhabi
Year: 2015

– Mohammed

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child