My Mother's Wedding Ring

In Attire

I remember when I was a little girl a piece of my mother’s finger was lustrous and just gleaming with sparkle. One day curious to know I asked her what was that and why she wore it all the time. I remember the spark in her eyes and the radiant smile coming from her. She explained to me it was her wedding ring that my father had given her, and explained how it kept her motivated and strong for all these years. It symbolizes the love between my mother and father. Before she came to this country in 1995 my father had married and left her in Bangladesh while I was still in the womb. Having to deal with pregnancy for the first time and not having support right next to her was tough for my mother. She explained that looking at the ring it kept her optimistic that my father would come get her soon, and we would all be able to start fresh and come to the United States for a better life. The ring gave her the hope and the patience that she needed when my father was away, it has kept the fire in my parent’s marriage even though he was thousands of miles away. It was a given indication of my parent’s strong bond and a reassured life that my mother was yearning for.

Year: 1995

– Jeba

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