Father's Golden Ring

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Golden ring with a carved design
Golden ring with a carved design

I was only fifteen years old when I was given something that held so much value within my family; it was my Father’s golden ring. Originally, it belonged to my Grandfather, who did not actually migrate to the United States from the Philippines with the rest of my family. He gifted it to my Father, who was about to go overseas to work in the country of Saudi Arabia. There, he wore it everywhere he went. That ring was on his finger every time he worked. Unfortunately, my grandfather soon succumbed to lung cancer. Apart from all the memories of him, that ring was all he really had left of him. During this time in 2001, my Mother was given a job offer to work in the United States as a nurse. It was all because of her hard work that she was able to bring my family to a whole new land full of opportunities. It was here where I would be born, not knowing I would be given a precious gift. Fast forward fifteen years later, my Father makes the choice to hand this ring down to me. He believes this ring will bring me luck and protection throughout my entire life. I’ve never met my Grandfather, but I know deep down that he would’ve wanted me to have this. This golden ring showed me that my family believes in good health and fortune. We see the sentimental value in objects other people might miss out on. It was this ring that gave me a source of motivation to push forward and to never give up towards my goals. I was given this ring out of trust and love, and I hope to pass it down to my future children, who then continue the passing of this family heirloom.

Place(s): Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United States
Year: 2001

– Clive Garcia

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant