My Mom's Pink Yarmulke

wearing the yarmulke at my bat mitzvah
wearing the yarmulke at my bat mitzvah

My object is my mom’s yarmulke from her bat mitzvah over 30 years ago. Her bubby, named Elsie Barron, crocheted over 100 pink yarmulkes and about the same number of blue ones for my uncle's. My mom never realized that she never got to keep a yarmulke. Over 15 years later, at my mom's wedding, something special happened. I asked my mom, “When this object was passed to you, how did you think of this object? Did it stand out to you as important, or did you think of it as just another object?” She responded with an answer that I had not thought about before. She said, “It was very special that my bubby made these for my bat mitzvah. I don’t remember if I kept one after my bat mitzvah. But 15 years later, at my wedding, when my dad gave his toast, he wanted to honor and remember family members who had passed away. He reached into his pocket and took out one pink yarmulke (the object) from my bat mitzvah, and one blue yarmulke from my older brother bar mitzvah. This is particularly significant because my parents are divorced, and my dad was honoring his ex-mother in law who had died 5 years before my wedding.” This yarmulke has been passed, and I wore at my bat mitzvah, and next it will be my sister's. It is a great way to remember my great grandmother.

– Ellie

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