My Mom's Old Canon

Canon PowerShot SD770
Canon PowerShot SD770

My mom has always been one to take a lot of pictures. She would take pictures of us when we were small, and continued to do so throughout our lives, building a collection of snapshots that capture the little moments in life. Whenever my mom pulled out her small, silver camera, I would roll my eyes and groan as she insisted on taking a few clicks of me and my siblings. The photos that one day would transport me back into that place and time whenever I look at them. On my 17th birthday, my mom gifted me the camera, and it hasn’t left my side ever since. I’ve been able to capture moments at home with my family and friends, and on every adventure I am lucky enough to experience. Even in modern times, when our phone cameras have better quality than my mom’s small Canon, I still reach for it every time I feel there is some special moment I want to capture and remember for the rest of my life. 

I want to give this camera to my children. One day they can carry on the tradition of using it to remember not only the visual, but the feelings associated with each photo they take. I want to show my children and grandchildren my photos, and the value that a camera holds. I will teach them that it’s important to disconnect and focus on the moment and not what’s happening on their devices. 

– AF

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