The Painting -- Autumn

Chinese Ink Painting
Chinese Ink Painting

This is a Chinese Ink and Wash painting drawn by my uncle. It is a very traditional Chinese cultural painting and the paint my uncle used is very special and rare in the USA. Not too many people here draw this kind of painting. This painting is called The Autumn as you can see there are flowers and insects on it that represent autumn, and this painting is really special to my family not only because it is a very precious and beautiful painting, but also because it represents our culture. When people walk into our house, this painting is one of the first things they see. It is so different and unique from the rest. It is special to me because this is a gift my uncle gave to me when I came to America. It will always remind me of the time I spent with my family and the people I know, and it gives me a feeling that I am still at hometown back in China.

This painting has such magic that when I came back from school every day, it takes me out from the English environment I am outside, and switches me into my well-known mother language environment. This makes me feel comfortable and warm. This painting is what gives me the vibe I want for HOME. 

– ZY

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