War Knife

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The top knife is my Great Grandfathers
The top knife is my Great Grandfathers

My grandpa's father was a proud WWII veteran who bravely fought for the Italian Navy. He was armed with a knife in case he lost his gun and he always kept it with him, even after he was captured by the Germans and put in a concentration camp. When he came back home in the mid forties he weighed 80lbs even though he was six feet tall. Many years later, I'm not sure when, he gave the knife to my grandfather who has treasured it ever since and he now has it hung up in his studio, proudly displaying it to signify the hardships that his father went through during the war. My grandpa told me that knife was very important to him as it reminded him what his father sacrificed for his country which he also still loves very much. My grandfather also experienced many hardships during the war because his town would regularly be bombed by enemy aircraft. He has told me stories of his experiences during the mid to late forties which make me glad that I have an easy lifestyle where I don't have to worry about getting bombed. I want others to hear my story because I'm sure that they'll have similar ones and I want know how many other people have treasured objects like this one that represent their family's past hardships. 

– Alex Moncada

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