My Mom's Lasagna

My mom's written recipe
My mom's written recipe

This is my mom’s lasagna recipe. I picked this because I absolutely love my mom’s lasagna. It’s delicious and it always makes me feel better after I’ve had a long day. I always look forward to it, because when she makes it, she makes it with love and care. The smell fills the house and it greets me when I open the door. I like to sit with her and watch her make it because she lets me have the first “taste test” once it’s done cooking. There are a lot of memories surrounding my mom’s lasagna. Like talking about our days at the dinner table and laughing and joking in the kitchen. My mom’s lasagna always brings joy and the family together. I want to pass this recipe down by making it for my family in the future and passing the recipe on to my kids, so that I can keep the happy memories going.

Place(s): Iowa, Virginia

– AB

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