My Little Pink Camera

I searched under our big Christmas tree for more presents. I spotted a tiny box right next to the stump of the tree, all wrapped in red. ‘To Morgan, From Santa,’ the tag on it read. Once I had started tearing off the paper, a Canon box was revealed with a bright pink camera cover. I opened the box and pulled out the object. Little did I know that, not only did I open up the camera, but I opened up my eye to who I truly am. This camera goes wherever I go to document any memory I wish to keep and share, like vacations, holidays and celebrations. Each picture I take has a similar style that I can call my own, to which the pictures can portray who I am as a person. I have also improved in my photographs and film, as well as the camera that I originally used. Including my creativity, this object has had a huge effect on my personality. I believe that it has created my interests, hobbies and passion for film. Without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I am thankful for that.

Year: 2007

– Morgan Bay

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