Sculpture of praying hands

Small sculpture of 2 hands praying
Small sculpture of 2 hands praying

Slightly cold to the touch, weighs about 5 ounces, hand painted to look like a mix between bronze and silver. While a small sculpture of 2 hands clasped together in the form of prayer doesn’t seem like much, it represents the successful migration of my family to the United States(U.S.) This sculpture is not particularly old, having been made in 1999, it marked the death of my Great-Grandfather, the first member of my family to live in the U.S. from his birth, until his passing. My maternal family was originally from Mexico, a city called Zacatecas to be exact, and in 1916 my Great-Great-Grandparents decided to leave everything behind, their home, their belongings, their friends, and cross the border to a better life. What stands out to me about the story of my family and their migration to America is how they managed to cross the border legally and thrive despite the odds stacked against them. The culmination of my Great-Great Grandparents sacrifices was at my Great-Grandfather;s funeral, though they did not witness it themselves, he had lived the life they had dreamed about, he had a beautiful wife to whom he had been married for over 60 years, two children who he would move heaven and earth for, and 3 grandchildren who loved him with all their heart. His success could not be measured through conventional means like monetary value. He was the man who had it all. This entire story now lives through a small sculpture of 2 hands clasped together in prayer, as he passed holding it in his hands, with his family by his side. Incomplete version

– Zachary Sargent

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