My Identity Story

This is a Mala bracelet (mine is darker)
This is a Mala bracelet (mine is darker)

 Being born into a Vietnamese family has its ups and downs. For instance, while my parents may be strict about enforcing the importance of education, they are more lenient with my personal life. As a yellow Asian in America, I would always try to represent my diversity, so by the  end of my middle school years I would visit my family in Vietnam and buy something that represents my family and our culture. The Mala Buddhist bracelet is the significant piece that I brought back to America with me. It not only has a folklore behind it, but its purpose for my life is to remind me of who I am in times of distress. My family is fully Vietnamese so it makes sense if we had migrate from Vietnam to America, my father had to be sponsored by his father, and 4 years after that, he sponsored my mother, my sister, and I to come to America as well. I believe our story on immigration is quite unique if told in-depth due to how we would joke about our struggles. Just like other immigrant families, my family's story has quite the correlation between the hardship we endured in order to acquire the sprinkle of opportunity is given to us.

Place(s): Vietnam and USA
Year: 2005

– LN

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child