As a young women from Guatemala, my mother suffered both verbal and physical abuse. Having just given birth to my older brother, she felt trapped and unable to flee from her situation. After some time my mother realized that maybe Guatemala wasn't the place for her or her child and visited her father after some time. My mother barely made enough to make ends meet, but after explaining her situation to him he felt it necessary to get her out and gave her enough for a plane ticket. Fearing that she'd never see him again, my mother took the only photo she had of him and her and my brother left. This thought would reign true as some time after my mother arrived in the U.S., her father was murdered and never got to see him again. That photo she took with her has been with us for about 30 plus years and is the only thing left of him. This is extremely significant to me since I was unable to meet or see him. To this day my mother says he is our guardian angel watching from above. Today, my family and myself are alive and well. My older brother was the first to attend and graduate college. An achievement I don't think would have been possible without the help of our grandfather. I thank my mom for enduring her situation and giving life to me and my brothers. We also see the photo of our grandfather everyday on our way out the door where it's placed and thank him every time because we probably wouldn't be here if he hadn't bought my mom that plane ticket.

Year: 1990

– Juan Gonzalez

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