My home

Relationship: Im/migrant

You might walk pass this building and just see a regular home with people living in it, but what I see whenever I come home is a place where my mothers family was able to immigrate and migrate to. My grandfather on my mothers side immigrated from Ecuador, he came to America in search for the same thing everyone who immigrated for, "The American Dream". With luck my grandfather was able to find work in a factory not far from where our home is and he was later able to afford to buy the property from a man who was looking to sell, guess he was at the right place at the right time. After a year he was able to bring his wife and 4 kids, not including my mother, my mother was born a few years later after her family immigrated here. Everyone was able to grow up and live in this home and have kids who now have kids be able to live in the home as well. I think this home of mine is going to be in our family for many generations to come and its all thanks to my late grandfather. Even now more of my family on my mothers side is able to immigrate to this home, I don't think its ever going to end. 

– JO

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant