my greatgrandmother's pot

For my object, I am using my bisabuela’s (great grandmother’s) pots that she once used to cook. I am using these pots because my great grandmother has Alzheimer’s. Since she has this disease, she has forgotten how to cook the food that my family loves. When she would cook for my family and I, it would bring my whole family together. She would not really cook need a special occasion to cook since she cooked for everyone every day; but if It were a special occasion, then she would make a different meal with more of what she made so that there is enough for everyone and more. She also blessed the food before cooking it. No one else in my family can cook like her so for my grandmother and I to use the pots that my great grandmother used to use, it means a lot. It also breaks my family’s hearts that she cannot cook anymore. We all know how much she loves to cook and feed everyone she loves. Those pots are very important to me and I cannot wait until I have my own family so that I can use them to make food that she once did. I try to bless the food how she did so that I can keep the tradition going. When I have kids I can teach them how to cook and I can pass down the pots that were once passed down to me.

Year: 1960

– Harmony Ortiz

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