CarlosV Chocolate 
Back in Mexico outside Durango where my mom immigrated from my grandma owned a store that was passed down from my great-grandma. The store was like a mini grocery store that sold food, snacks, candy, etc. When me and my family went to visit my mom’s family in Mexico, everyday I would go to her store and eat the candy for free. At least I thought it was free because apparently my mom was charged for all the candy I ate, and I would clear out her whole stock of Carlos V chocolates which is a very popular brand in mexico. Now every once in a while she will send me and my family some of those chocolates, and now my sister is the one that eats all of them. I haven’t seen these chocolates in the USA sadly but they might be sold here. 

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2001

– Angel

Relationship:  unknown unknown