Chicken Tamales

Relationship: Im/migrant
Chicken tamales on a plate.
Chicken tamales on a plate.

     The object I’m choosing for my essay is food. My family is from El Salvador and we have amazing food! My most favorite is chicken tamales. They are so good and delicious. Where my family is from chicken tamales are served with curtido which is a pickled cabbage salad. Our tamales are pretty big, sometimes with one, I get full. I love chicken tamales so much I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are so tasty and it’s a dish that I hope I never get bored of. Chicken tamales are made of flour, chicken, potato and green beans. They are rolled into a plantain leaf and foil. It describes my family journey because chicken tamales have been made in my family for years. The last time my dad and I went to El Salvador I saw my grandma making chicken tamales. I remember how much effort and time she put into making tamales. It was so much fun watching her because she did them with so much joy. I think that by watching my family make tamales makes me enjoy eating them after.   My family makes tamales for special occasions like for holidays and parties. I think for most of my birthday dinner I’ve been requesting chicken tamales. Each Christmas my family gets together and enjoy tamales. I love that I get to see my family that I don’t get to see so often.  Having these special times with my family and eating chicken tamales have been the greatest times ever. It brings my family together. 

– Santiago Ramirez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant