My Great Grandma

This is a picture of my great grandma
This is a picture of my great grandma

This is a picture of my great grandma, Mary-Jane. She passed away before I was born, but my grandma always tells all her grandkids stories about her. There are so many stories about her that I can't even begin to remember. One story that has always stuck with me though is how she always protected her kids no matter who tried to hurt them. I see a lot of that in my grandma, in the ways she tries to protect her children and grandchildren. My grandma was only fifteen years old when her mom passed, but even fifteen short years is enough to influence someone. When my great grandmother passed, my grandma had just had her first child. She was a child herself. How was a child supposed to raise a child? She had the help of family and god, but most importantly her mom watching her from above. When I go to my grandma's house and see the big picture of my great grandma I feel almost inclined to make sure everyone in my family is okay. America is where my family is and that's where I want to be too.

Place(s): Gainesville ga

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