Religious Beads

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

    My mother gave her future to help raise her family in the best environment possible. My mother when she went to school was the smartest in all of her classes and was well on her way to a successful life. During that time she met my father in one of her classes and began to know him better eventually falling in love with him. But, then everything spiraled downwards her father had a stroke and lost control half of his body. My mother decided to drop out of highschool to take good care of him and her multiple siblings. Soon, after her father died she eventually married my father to then go to America to have a better future for her children. 
    When my mother arrived in America she had her beliefs and family to remember her country by. After she arrived in America my mom wanted to be a nurse after learning english. But, with me on the way she chose to choose a different life choice. My mother has told me every day to this day to hold on to family, to faith, and to your morals. To always remind me of my faith she gave me the beads and the necklaces to help me remember. Even though I pray less than my mother I will always remember my faith. My mother gave up so much for me to gain much in my life as a functioning adult of today's society. I can only to meet her expectations in life, to make sure I succeed where she failed. 

Place(s): Vietnam/New York

– Eric V.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant