My Grandpa’s Passport

 My Grandpa’s Passport
My Grandpa’s Passport

My object is my grandpa’s passport on my dad’s side. It’s from California and it is used to travel on air or on water. My grandfather used it for traveling on cargo ships, mostly for his job. It is made of green paper that has stamps on it to show where he traveled to. My grandpa's name was Martin Patrick Callaghan and the passport was made in 1969 and it expired in 1974 June 12.
 I chose this item because it was very interesting to me and it is very important to my dad. The papers are irreplaceable. My grandpa is connected to this passport because he went on a lot of cargo ships for his job so there are a lot of stamps on it showing where he has gone.

My questions for my grandpa are, what was your job? Why did you go on so many cargo ships? Why did you go to so many different places in your life? And did you like your job? 

Place(s): Asia

– MC

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant