My Grandmother's Tortilla Press


My grandmother cooked with a tortillia press almost all her life. She loved cooking with a tortillia press. My grandmother made many dishes with a tortillia press specifically Mexican dishes. If I lived in Mexico I would be making dishes with a totillia press. You are probably wondering what is a tortillia press made out of and how does one look, right?  This is a totillia press shown in the picture. A totillia press is made out of iron. A totillia press is used for flattening a type of dough that is called Masa. Masa is made out of corn flour and water that is really hot  to form the dough.  When done making the Masa then you open the top of the torillia press and place a parchment paper for the dough not to stick. You then place the dough and put another parchment paper and close the tortillia top and grab the lever and press down on the top. Then take out the dough and place on a hot pan or skillet.  Once the dough is cooked you are ready to fill it with your favorite meat or vegetable dish to enjoy a great meal.

– Amaryllis Tecuanhuey

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