Chicken Herb Soup

Relationship: Im/migrant
Chicken Herb Soup
Chicken Herb Soup

Have you ever gotten very sick and your parents tell you to stay in bed all day with thick warm clothes on, while they're making chicken herb soup in the kitchen? I'm sure many of us have experienced it before as it is very common to give a person who's unwell something warm and soupy. Chicken soup has always been a number one home remedy when it comes to having a cold/sick because of how healthy the soup is for the cold/sick. I love chicken soup because I grew up drinking that and I still do. Chicken herb soup is incredibly well known among my family, it's also very well known in Asia.  
The recipe has been pass down for generations to generations. This shows how traditional remedies can become a symbol of comfort and memories. Objects, remedies, and traditions make people feel more connected to their heritage. It invokes memories from the past. Knowing your cultural background and knowing where you originally came from can help you develop a strong sense of who you are. As for me, I'm very grateful that I get to taste this chicken herb soup until this day. I'm grateful that my parents and grandparents were able to pass this tradition down to me and my siblings because, in a few couples of years, we'll soon be following in their steps. As we record our history, we open the opportunity for future generations to connect with us when we are gone. 

Place(s): China,Myanmar
Year: 2010


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant