Fish Fry

Fired Catfish
Fired Catfish

 We have a family tradition of cooking our family fish recipe! Every couple of years, family gathers in our “family house” in Oklahoma. You can hear the distinct chatter amongst the guests, children's laughter, and the roar for the football game on the tv. Kids running around in circles around the corridor, and the boys outside talking about their cars and jobs and family, it’s the best feeling. The feeling is just something you can't describe, like a newfound sense of belonging. Only a handful of people get to be a part of making the dish of honor. When it comes to making the special dish, we start with fresh fish from the market the women go get in the morning. Next the men and boys go and descale the skin and detach from the bones. Next we gather all of the spices that we need, which normally we make about 6 batches of it. We lay the fish out on the pans and decorate them with all the different flavors of spices, all while dancing around the kitchen. While everything is cooking and baking we just sit back and relax and enjoy each others company. Laughing and gathering around the kitchen in a big circle and we talk and laugh while waiting for the long line of generations of family gathering food and coming together. Once everyone has a full and satisfied plate we stand and are led into saying grace. When the night starts to come to an end and little eyes start to get heavy families start to roll out one by one. While we don’t have a family artifact, we have a tradition. 

Place(s): Oklahoma City

– AG

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