My Grandmother's Gold Ring

In Attire

My grandmother’s gold ring is now my mother’s. When my mom wedded my dad, his mother gave the ring to my mom as a gift. My great-uncle made the ring. The ring is not only a memory to my mom, but to my dad as well because it reminds him of his wedding day and his mom who sadly passed away. You might be wondering, “How did your great-uncle make the ring?”    When you look at how my great-uncle made the ring you are probably thinking, “Wow, that seems easy”. It actually isn’t. First, my great-uncle purchased some gold from a BIG market. Second, he weighed and cut the gold. Third, he melted the gold in a pot. Fourth, he put the melted gold in a hand-operated machine. Lastly, he molded the gold to make the ring band. Now, the ring is complete! It seems very easy but it actually isn’t. The making of the ring is very difficult. But again, you probably have questions. I bet you’re thinking, “Why did he use gold and not any other metal?” That is for another time for me to answer. This ring is very special to me because it reminds me of my grandmother. Every time my dad tells stories about her, I feel a connection somehow. This ring is a memory that I want to cherish forever.

– Zaara Habib

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