My grandfather's slingshot

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My grandfather on my mother's side loved this slingshot. You can see the edges around the sides--it's grooved from all the times he wrapped fabric or anything he could get his hands on around the fork--for lack of a better term.

I don't know too much about my grandfather, other than that he served in World War II and that he and my grandmother were "the couple of the room". He died when I was one, of Alzheimer's. He met me once, and, according to my mother, he held me, said I was beautiful, and asked who did I belong to.

My dad said that Grandpa used to call him Ace. This made my mother roll her eyes.

Sometimes my mother will be bustling around the house, and she'll smile to herself, and say, "That's my dad,". I don't often ask her about Grandpa. I know I should.

He never talked about the war, she said. It wasn't something they did back then.
He had--he did have nightmares--
Oh yes. I remember one time he woke up and tackled your grandmother off the side of the bed. I think he thought he was shielding her. 
He thought he was back.

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