My Grandfather's Belt Buckle

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The Belt Buckle in front of his ashes
The Belt Buckle in front of his ashes

After my grandfather passed away this April, my family was given a couple of his belt buckles. The most important of which being one that says his name, Ken. This is important to us because he loved to wear belts and always had a cool buckle on them. We keep the buckle next to his ashes on display. He was always a hard working man and set a great example for future generations. He was also a veteran from the Korean War and served in the military for several years. His battle with Congestive Heart Failure was the cause of his passing and was something he fought hard against. With Ken passing away, this was the first grandparent that I have lost. It was very hard on my mom, since she was his daughter, but we got through it together. His belt buckle symbolizes how he held up our family financially and emotionally just as a belt buckle holds the belt together. Our family story connects to other family stories I’m familiar with because everybody has a “hero” and someone who provides the most for their family. For me, that was my grandfather.

– Camden Hart

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