My Golden Necklace

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
The Necklace that was passed down to me
The Necklace that was passed down to me

My Treasured Object
A memorable object that I cherish immensely is a gold cross necklace that was passed down from my grandmother to my aunt and then to me when I was born. The necklace is a very important object that I treasure because it's the only piece that I have left from my grandmother before she died. My grandmother originally bought the necklace when she lived in Puerto Rico. She had a very strong faith in God, and she wanted something on her that would protect her from evil spirits. When she came across the necklace, she decided to buy it. Not long after that, she married my grandfather, and they had their oldest child, my Aunt Eleuteria. My aunt was born in 1958, and at that time hospitals and other medical facilities weren’t as advanced as they are now, especially not in Puerto Rico. My grandmother, wanting to protect their firstborn child, decided to give my aunt the golden necklace so that my aunt could survive her first couple of months. As my aunt grew up she decided to keep the necklace, and she kept it for 44 years until I was born. I was born at 23 weeks, very underdeveloped with many medical issues, and many people thought that I would only survive a couple of weeks. My aunt, keeping her faith close, decided to give me her golden cross necklace. She had it hung off of my incubator since I couldn't actually wear it, and ever since she gave me that necklace nearly 17 years ago I still wear it and treasure it. 

Place(s): Puerto Rico, and Ohio
Year: 1986

– Angelic Claudio

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant