My (Found) Family's Crest

Emily-Selena The Bear
Emily-Selena The Bear

 If my birth family had a crest it would be a golden bear with a maroon base. Symbolizing their strong independent nature topped with their grandiose attitudes. Gold for their pride in never losing a battle of brain or brawn along with maroon for their bloody history. 
When I was about ten I decided to search for a found family. Some people were too intense and hotheaded. Others were too cold and calculating. 
I stumbled upon my best friends through mutual acquaintances, they were just right! We bounce off of one another with undeniable chemistry and cradle each other with consistent loyalty and reasonable space when necessary. Truly taking time to love one another wholly. 
For a holiday they got me a Build-A-Bear. A pink little creature with an adorable heart nose and awkwardly small eyes that just add to its somewhat off-putting appeal. I don't hold objects too important, a guilty re-gifter if you will.  But this bear was different. The bear is an item I will cherish forever since it is our own crest. A pink bear filled with love and intention and an unbreakable bond we're willing to fight to maintain. 

– JW

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