First American Doll

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Many immigrants would have loved to have brought something special to the United States from their native countries, so they could feel closer to home. This is the case of Emily Wong Lim who came to the United States in 1972 from Taiwan. Emily Lim as many other immigrants have said, that “she would have loved to bring something from her native Taiwan”, but since her mom packed for her to come to the United States she couldn’t put anything special in her luggage, but only her dreams and hopes for a better life in America. In her first Christmas in New York City, she remembers receiving a doll like this one in the picture, from her grand uncle. Emily named her doll “Annie”. Annie was the first doll she has ever received on a holiday like Christmas. Her family back in Taiwan did not celebrates Christmas, so this holiday was new to her. The doll also says to Emily that it symbolizes and reminds her new beginning, in a country with a different culture.A culture which she had accepted and adopted as her new home the day she was coming. Christmas for Emily’s family is now a tradition; no matter if back home it didn’t mean anything.

Year: 1973

– Katerine Auqui

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