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This is my dog Filou.
This is my dog Filou.

We are 3 persons in our family, with my dog Filou we are 4. I got her when I was 8. She is a part of the family.
 I also have two half-brothers, but they don't live at home any longer. 
Everybody of us likes good food and we like cooking. The best thing I've ever cooked is lemon chicken with onions, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and lemons.
We like traveling to another country. I was two years old when I went to Mallorca for the first time. Now we have a house over there and we go there often. It's always fun in the sun, at the beach.
The whole family likes sports and we are all playing golf. We like to do it everywhere.

Place(s): Mallorca

– Daniel Tuxhorn

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