My Family Story

Relationship: Im/migrant

Scarlyn’s Story according to the 6 rules:
Almost all of my relatives are immigrants but there are some of us who were born here. My family members who are immigrants came to have a better life for their children. The first people of my family who came to the U.S had difficulties since they did not know anything. Also when they arrived in the country, it was very different than now. An aunt of my mother, she had a hard time because she had to leave her newborn son behind.
My parents always teach me many things and tell me to continue studying. In my family, I have an aunt who is an 8th grade teacher in Queens. She gives classes to children who have illnesses. I talk to her sometimes and she visits. She is an inspiration to me and we have a promise that I will teach her eight year old son Spanish and he will improve my English.

My family has not had strong conflicts just a few small fights, they solve it by talking. My family thanks God they have not had strong fights because we are always very affectionate to each other.
We lost my aunt because she had cancer when she was pregnant and the baby lived but she didn´t. She also had a son who thought she was only sleeping but she never woke up. I loved her very much and I miss her. Her son is here with their father., but the baby in in the DR. My grandfathers died when I was a baby, and my dad told me that his father held me but I do not remember him.
My parents they leave me to explore and learn new things, They also have confidence in me.

Place(s): Republica Dominicana
Year: 2018

– Scarlyn

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant