my family's ushanka

In Attire

 I was adopted from Tver, Russia in 2008. My parents had made 2 trips to Russia before taking us home. Due to the limited time on their trips, it was hard to take back souvenirs. However, as it was the middle of Russia’s winter, we took home a ushanka. My parents had purchased the hat in Tver, and had kept it all these years.  A ushanka is a fur and leather hat. Perfect for cold winters. It’s made from leather and fur. It is quite heavy but incredibly comfortable.  The origin of these hats is Russia. They can be found in most shops in Russia or north eastern europe. This hat is still used in my family today. My parents had put together photo books and I recall seeing this ushanka worn by a few of my family members. It's been in use by my family since 2008. This object helps me connect to my Russian roots and gives me a part of my hometown, Tver. I can connect to my past through this hat and the other limited things I have from Russia. After being adopted I was quick to be more a part of american culture as opposed to russian culture. So this item has lots of significance to my family and myself. These hats are meant for Russia’s winters but for now they’ll work for America's. 

Place(s): Tver, Russia + New York, United States
Year: 2008

– ML

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child