My Family's Chair

My family's chair
My family's chair

By Anthony

I chose this chair because it was painted by everyone in my family. I haven’t painted it yet though. We use it for special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I don't think many families paint a chair and keep it for years. We only use it on holidays. Normally, we bring the chair to the table but nobody sits in it. It honors my uncle who died. The chair was his. We leave a seat for him at the table even though he’s gone. 
My family doesn't keep that much stuff but they like to keep stuff that is not really useful to us. Like this chair. It is a wooden chair from my grandma's house. 
I’d like to ask my family where they got the chair.  Why did they get it? What has happened to the chair through the years? When did they get it? Who got it? How did they get it? Why did my family decide to get a chair instead of something else? When did they start painting the chair?

Place(s): New York

– AF

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant