My Family dollhouse

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My object Is a beautiful dollhouse. It has antique furniture,and it came with little tiny people. My great great grandma lived in Granite City, IL. Each year she would put $2.00 a week in a bank account called a Christmas Club Account.  Then at the end of the year she would give her grandchildren $100.00 for Chanukah from the Christmas Club money.  In about 1968 when she died, my grandma, decided to use the money and buy a doll house for her daughter (my  mom).   My mom and grandma picked out the wallpaper from old wallpaper books and papered the walls in the house.  When my mother was about five she started getting dollhouse furniture for Chanukah. After several years the house was complete.  My Grandma gave my mom this dollhouse, and on my 2nd or 3rd birthday my parents gave me the dollhouse! They even gave me a chalk board table under it! 

It is made out of plywood which is a thin sturdy wood, and it's decorated with all kinds of wall paper,carpeting/floor designs and windows.  My mom and grandma decorated it with the wallpaper and window coverings they chose. It was saved for me for 40 years in my grandma's basement. It's in good shape, but there are some water spots. My favorite room used to be the girls bedroom. { i liked the carpeting}. Another reason why this dollhouse is so special is because it's so unique! Years ago all my grandma bought was random wood/cardboard. So this is my family dollhouse!                                   

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