My family chairs

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

    The historical object that represents the migration of my family from the Dominican Republic to the United States, is the wooden chairs that my grandparents built. My grandfather made these wooden chairs with his bare hands and my grandmother was the one that hand weaved the seats on them.  There were three chairs in total. There was one large one that people could sit in and then two small ones which were decorations for the house. These chairs were created in the wood shop my grandfather owned in the Dominican Republic. These chairs were gifts given from my grandparents to my mom so she can give us to us, her daughters later to keep within the family.    These objects show how hard working my grandparents were. My grandparents made many furniture by hand and a lot of people from their town in the Dominican Republic came to the store to ask for furniture and other items to make. They created the most of their furniture by hand and that shows that they have a lot of dedication. That is important for me and my family because they made these chairs hand and things like this takes more than one day to create. That shows that they are strong workers and I am very passionate about that. Because till this day my family is a hard-working family and would do anything to help and provide for their loved ones. 


– melissa perdomo

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant