Tenement Building


 In the 1960s my grandparents migrated from Puerto Rico. They moved to the Lower East Side. My reasoning for posting this picture is because this building was where my grandparents moved. This apartment is also where my father was raised, as well as my brother and me. Now currently we still live in the same apartment along with my nephew. I felt this is an appropriate demonstration of Sociology of the Family because I can see the impact of growing up in a section8 tenement building in a predominantly Puerto Rican and black community generationally. My grandfather didn’t graduate high school and went straight into the military, my father didn’t graduate high school and went straight into the labor force, and the same for my brother. I was the first one to graduate and go to college. I feel that a person’s status depends on salary, so we were always classified as lower class. Sometimes in the lower class you aren’t afforded certain opportunities, I feel I have to go out and make my own opportunities. Some people chose to stay in the cycle.  

Place(s): Puerto Rico, NYC

– MM

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant