My family Bible

Relationship: Im/migrant

This is my family's bible. My family is Christian, and our bible is a book that my family and I read together a lot. it is made out of paper and it’s a light brown and a dark brown color. It has the words Holy Bible on the front. This object came from when my mom had her first child.The person that gave this to me was my parents and they talked to me about it.The bible is mostly used when you go church or to read at home.The bible is important, because  it helps transform the word of God. It's life changing and helps people feel free. The bible helps you to know what's wrong and what's right. However, the bible is important to me because the bible helps me teach and show others what is right. It also helps me to be a leader in doing what is right.  Also it's important, because when I first read it it helped me be a better person. Another reason is that it helps Christians live life, so it helps my family a lot to live a good Christian life.

Year: 2002

– sara

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant