TNTT scarf

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
golden yellow scarf with two stripes
golden yellow scarf with two stripes

Since I could recall, my parents were devoted Catholics. When they decided to settle in Massachusetts after immigrating from Vietnam, they took the opportunity to be active members of a Vietnamese Catholic community at St. Ambrose in Dorchester. Every time they talk to a friend or a relative, the main topic of their conservation would usually be church-related. They show pride in religion and it shows. Unlike my parents, I sometimes see being Catholic as bothersome; I would constantly complain about it being a nuisance when I go to weekly mass. The only thing that keeps me thriving through all of this is going to Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể (TNTT). Their goal focuses on us finding who we are more than learning about God’s word, which makes it enjoyable for me. TNTT gives out scarves based on age: green(6-9), blue(10-12), yellow(13-15), and brown(16-18). If a person meets certain qualifications, they can receive a stripe or two and become a group leader. Currently, I am a yellow scarf with two stripes. In my group, I am 1 out of 7 girls, who are individually different, and each one of them has made me a better person. Occasionally, TNTT puts us in situations that test our capabilities and compatibility. My group usually succeeds in these challenges. What makes my group different from any other is that each person contributes a little something that makes us one step closer to succeeding. When I think about the amount of progress we made, it makes me smile.

Place(s): Vietnam, Dorchester, MA
Year: 1975

– OP

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant