The Virgin of Guadalupe

This is my story. When immigrating or migrating you often think about the things you’re leaving but have you ever thought of the things you’re bringing with you? For me, or well for my whole family, it is a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe. Many people who believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe have a picture of her with them so that not only can they have her spiritual support but also feel like they are physically connected to her. This object of the Virgin Mary reminds me of my grandmother because she is the one who taught me all of the religious beliefs I now know, especially of the Virgin of Guadalupe. My grandmother has always believed in the Virgin of Guadalupe and many Saints. Because my grandmother believed in these things, she taught my mother and my mother taught me. When our family had to migrate they felt both sad and hopeful. They felt sad because of the things they were leaving. They were leaving their home, friends, parents, pets, and many other things that had sentimental value to them. But at the same time they were happy and hopeful. They now would be able to start a new life and work their way up.When my parents came to the United States of America they had a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The picture they carried with them was from my grandmother. My grandmother let them know that with the picture and the Virgin Mary by their side they would be safe. They did carry the picture with them and they did arrive safely.

Year: 1995

– Isabel Cruz

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