connection to grandfather

The picture I took is my Grandfather. I decided to use this picture because the first time I saw that picture when I was 7. It felt like, I have a special connection with him through a picture, I never seen him in real life, he passed away because of cancer in June 21 2003, from the oldest grandkids I was the only one that didn’t have the chance to meet him. I was born in August 14 2003, which is 1 and a half month after he passed away. When I immigrated to US from Uzbekistan, 5 years ago, and till this day every time I look at this picture I still have that connection like the first time I saw this picture, I stare at it closely to get the image of his face on my mind. I had his picture with me for 8 years. Even though I didn’t get the chance to meet him or talk to him in person, It feel like I did by just looking at this picture.

Place(s): uzbekistan, new york
Year: 2013

– Amira Yarmukhamedova

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant