My Families Lefse Pan

Relationship: Im/migrant
My Families' Lefse Pan
My Families' Lefse Pan

My object is a lefse pan. It is from Norway and is used for, well, making lefse (Lef-sa). My great grandma used it for making lefse. It is made out of steel. Lefse is basically a Norwegian crepe, and is made out of potatoes. It comes with a stick, decorated with a faint red handle with designs on it, such as a flower. Lefse is very thin, and tastes good with Meatballs. It is also often eaten at Christmas.     

I chose this object because it makes me feel like I have a stronger connection with my ancestry. My great, great grandma Bernice Giblon came to America from Norway in the 1870’s. When she had children with my great, great grandpa, Bill Giblon, she gave birth to my great grandma, Julia Giblon. Julia married my great grandpa Scipio, and when they got married, because Scipio was also Norwegian, Julia bought this lefse pan. This lefse pan teaches me that lefse is a dish cherished by Norwegians, and is very important to my family. I have always been interested in my ancestors, especially my great grandpa Scipio, and this pan might only seem like a faint connection to him, but to me, it’s much more.   

This object is a bit rusty, and seems that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Because we use the pan on the stove now, I wonder if my ancestors in the 1890’s used it over an open fire. Anyways, this object is very valuable to me and my family and we cherish it.  

Place(s): Norway

– GN

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant