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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Pilon from Puerto Rico
Pilon from Puerto Rico

Hi, my name is Paul. I’m here to talk about objects that come from a lot of different places that mean a lot to me. First up we got pilon. A pilon is something from Puerto Rico used to smash garlic and spices to give food like chicken a better taste. I am mixed, so I have asked my Mom a lot of questions to find out a whole lot of information about my family. I am part Puerto Rican so learning about my identity means a lot to me.  Next we have bracelets in Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans make hard bracelets with coins with a picture of God engraved on it.  This is another family tradition I learned from my mother.  Another thing I want to share is a calabash wooden bowl. A calabash wooden bowl is a bowl you put seasoning in it, to mash to get spices ready for cooking.  These  calabash wooden bowls are similar to the pilon from Jamaica. I'm also part Jamaican. Next is reggae music. My grandpa and grandma came here from Jamaica  with their family and my grandpa listens to reggae music a lot.  Also, I found out that Jamaica and Puerto Rico are pretty close; they distance between the two countries is only 1 hour, 57 minutes from each other. Puerto Rico and Jamaica are similar because they have similar cultural objects, similar living things present in both islands. The two different countries craft things that are used for the same purpose except they could make them smaller or bigger. So my traditions are mixed and yet connected. These traditions are represented in America in a great number of communities as well.

Place(s): Jamaica/Puerto Rico

– PM

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant