This object that I choose is a bracelet. This bracelet reminds me of big changes in my life. This bracelet is made of a blue rubber and it has inscriptions that say “I love protons”. All of my family members have one. We use this bracelet as a symbol of family unity. When I came here all of my plans changed, my little brother got a very big disease. He had more than eight surgeries, and we had to go through bad times. Sometimes we thought that he could die, but always my family and I kept hope. Here is where all my life turns in different ways. After everything my little brother could be healthy again, and in his last day of treatment his doctors gave us those bracelets as a meaning that we had completed a great stage in our lives. This process of change taught me that hope is the last thing that dies, but after all I could learn that every single change is a huge opportunity for each one of us.

Year: 2015

– Karina Armijo

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