My church

The church I've grown up in
The church I've grown up in

Ever since I was born I have been coming to this church. As I am growing up finding out who I am and what I wanna be I know that apart of me is God And Church because for as long as I can remember whenever I Had a problem I would simply pray to God about it and every Sunday in a nice dress my mom brought me I would go to church, sit with my friends with my mom and there parents behind us and listen to the sermon, Growing up before I turned 7 I saw everyone drinking the 'blood of christ' and the 'body of christ' and I wondered what it was and what it ment, when my mom explained to me I have to be baptized and give your soul to Jesus I was and still am perfectly fine with it so I explained it to two of my closest friends I've grown up with and my friend kashmere Grandfather was the reverend who would teach us about getting baptized, 4 Sunday later I was in a white robe getting blessed and dunked into Holy water by my pastor after that I knew I wanted to be closer with God and so I go to church every Sunday and that's why church is important to Me and my family because for 4 generations we have been going to church and will continue too.

Place(s): New York, Convent Avenue Baptist Chruch
Year: 2009

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