My Car

My friend Mason at lunch in the trunk
My friend Mason at lunch in the trunk

 My mom has worked four jobs. She was a fish canner, a nanny, a baker, and now an elementary school teacher. With those jobs, she was able to pay for me to have a good life and has given me many things I have wanted throughout life. She has always spoiled me. When I was one year old my family and I were living in Petaluma, at this particular time in my life she was a baker. My mom decided she wanted to treat herself with a new car which she most definitely deserved. She walked down to the Honda dealership in 2006 and came home with an orange Honda Element. (She originally planned on getting a green one but the universe decided otherwise, they didn't have any so she ended up with orange.) Little did she know that car would soon become one of the places where our most important conversations were held, memories, and discoveries made. On my 16th birthday, my mom gave me the car. (It was the best birthday gift I could have received.) That night I took some stickers I got for my birthday and added them to the plethora of existing stickers I had put on the inside over the past 15 years. Now, I make memories with my friends and have meaningful conversations in the same place me and my mom did. 

– Bella D.

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant